– All I wanted was cotton candy color hairs –
Hello randomness of mine. Yeah, I was supposed to be busy, but I guess I have some time from work to write a little something. Today’s purpose is to introduce you guys to something call awesome handmade items: made in Montreal. Montreal is known to be a city of multiple aspects and art is one major piece of pie that is Montreal. With things made in china and controversial talks around it, people are now turning to local products or “homemade”. Fotofibre is something you can call “homemade” and handmade. Fotofibre is the baby of a good friend of mine. She’s a talented designer. She is putting her creativity into ecological home items made locally. Combining beautiful pictures by photographers and her talent to create almost anything with her hands, she creates beautiful accessories for your daily enjoyment. Everything is handmade with care and creativity, giving them a personal touch that can be ignore, especially with the bright colors. Whether you are looking for a gift or something special for yourself, this is one place you cannot ignore. Plus: everything is made with the environment in mind, nothing is waste, everything is recycle.

EDIT: There is a contest going right now on facebook to win their products.

P.S Xmas is in 4 months 😉


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