Le Painnamou – 빵나무

❀ Hey guys! Though I know in my last post I gave the impression that my next update would be in awhile, it seems like it won’t be the case. After Kat and I had supper at Biiru, we went for dessert at Painnamou.

❀ I was ecstatic when Kat agreed to go there with me. The reason is that they have bingsu/bingsoo. For those who don’t know what it is, bingsu is a popular Korean shaved ice dessert during the summer. Though it sounds a bit boring, it’s a little more complex than that. It’s not just shaved ice with some colored syrup on it; there is a whole variety of ingredients that could be used as toppings. Not many places in Montreal offer this kind of dessert, and those who do tend to be very disappointing.

❀ The one that Kat and I shared was the red bean bingsu. It was different but lovely. Their ice was smooth like snow. It melted right away! All of the other places I’ve tried, the ice was crunchy — it sounds weird in words but you know what I mean — and made out of water. That’s right! Painnamou don’t use water for their ice; they use milk! So that makes it more flavorful even though some of you might think it’s weird. Trust me guys, even my Korean friends approve of this place! So in our bingsu, you can see there’s the red bean, mochis, almond flakes and I believe almond powder. We got the medium sized bingsu which was $7.99 (+tax) and it was big enough for the two of us to share. There’s also a larger size but I heard it’s really big! And they even have a smaller size to go! They have a few other bingsu flavors to try as well; mango, strawberry, chocolate and green tea.

❀ Painnamou not only offers bingsu, but they’re in fact a café and a bakery/pastry place. I haven’t tried their drinks so I can’t say anything about it. However, their pastries are awesome. They’re a little more expensive than Cocobun and the places in Chinatown but you can definitely taste the higher quality — does that make sense? — and the sweet goods aren’t overly sweet. One of my favorites is the pizza baguette! This is the perfect place to take a break, study or even mingle amongst friends. The place is very cute and the atmosphere is pleasant. Since it’s right next to Concordia University, I believe once the semester starts, the place will be packed! And I’ll certainly go there often! So see you there!

patbinsooCost: $1/2
Bee approves: 4/5

2019 Rue Bishop
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E8

One Reply to “Le Painnamou – 빵나무”

  1. Had their moka and it was as sweet as water with sugar… lots of sugar. I yet have to try other coffee since moka is suppose to be sweet after all. Let’s go try all their bingsu!!

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