Biiru (Beer)

みなさんこんにちは! Today’s post will be about food!! Because we love food!!! It all started when I was feeling really hungry and had nothing to eat because I was at work without anything but junk food surrounding me. The first person in my text message list was my Bee, therefore I texted her and few hours later we have decided to visit this new place she wanted to try: “Biiru”. And so begins our exploration of this Japanese tapas restaurant.

It is on the corner of St-Catherine and City Councillors street, near the La Baie.

1433, rue City Councillors (Ste-Catherine)
Montreal, QC, H3A 2E4
(514) 903-1555

Unfortunately we didn’t take a picture of the outside, but it was looking really neat and simple with only the Japanese’s flag and when you approach then the name of the restaurant is print on the main window. The decorations inside the restaurant were very modern. Two item from the decoration caught our eyes: 1. the huge bird cage at the entrance with paper crane inside and 2. the huge modern painting on the wall.


Beside the interior design, the restaurant also have a terrace on the side for people who wants to enjoy the sun and the heat, but we are two heat haters, therefore air conditioning of the inside was the best choice XD
It is a nice place to just eat and chat, the music wasn’t too loud like the other Japanese tapas we went to.

As for the service, it was quite nice. Our waitress was really sweet and the service was fast. After ordering, our food just keep appearing on the table one after the other. For someone who is new to tapas, she will gladly explain how it works and how many dishes you should take for the number of people and recommend the place’s favourite/trademark dishes. Overall the staff seems to be well organized, friendly and helpful.

Onto the food! Here is the list of what we got to try out. We have ordered a total of four dishes and one drink each.
Let’s start with the drinks. Mine was called Raijin, a white unknown liquid hahaha just kidding. Well it was white with sprinkles of candy on the top and a lot had drown in the bottom. It looks like a milk shake, but with alcohol. The taste was really good, there is a mix of Yuzu and something else that I don’t remember, but it main taste is sweet and a bit orangie.
Bee ordered the Totoro drink because it was called Totoro 😐 yeah… As we always exchange a sip of each other’s drink, I found that Bee’s drink was too sour. As an old lady I can’t take sourness anymore, therefore I didn’t like it.

Left: Raijin Right: Totoro
Left: Raijin Right: Totoro

First dish to arrive was the Japadawg: Shrimp sausage with vegetable in a bun. As usual, I have problem eating anything inside a bun, everything inside will eventually all fell on the plate leaving me with only the bun and the sauce XD This one wasn’t an exception. Anyway, onto the taste. It was not so bad, but it wasn’t the best thing I ate so far. I found that the taste wasn’t really there and the pickled vegetable was taking over. I didn’t quite taste the shrimp from the “meat” either. Also I would have like it if they have brought this dish at the end or in between two dishes instead of serving it first. After eating the bun and having a few sip of my drink, I would feel the bun starting to expand in my stomach. Would I order it again? Yes

Japadawg – Shrimp sausage

While we were still munching on the bun, the waiter came with a basket of Kaarage. I didn’t like this dish at all. The chickens were tasteless, the sauce was too sour. I would rather have a sweeter sauce and a bit of herb or salt on the chickens. The salad was way better than the actual dish. The good part was that the chickens were well done and tender. Would I order it again? No.

Kaarage - deep fried chickens
Kaarage – deep fried chickens

Third dish was Tomorokoshi, grilled corns. I have to say, from all the dishes that we have order, this one would be my favourite. The corns were not dry even though it was grilled. On top of them, there was sauce made of queso fresco. It was sweet (due to corn) and salty at the same time. Grilled corn is always a win. Would I order it again? YES! But I would recommend having dental floss with you after eating this you will need it XD (If you don’t want to make faces like Bee)

Tomorokoshi – grilled corns on a stick

Last but not least is the Okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake. I have to say, I was really disappointed with this dish. It was tasteless if it wasn’t for the mayo, the soya sauce and the moving katsuobushi – fish flakes. The pancake was thin, that was a part that I like because I don’t like thick pancake and it was crispy. That is all for the Okonomiyaki. Would I order it again? No.

Okonomiyaki - Japanese pancake
Okonomiyaki – Japanese pancake

I found it a bit overprice. The drinks were ok, but for what we ordered, each glass was 11$ each. The drinks were huge compared to other place, but by the time we finish it, it has been water down by the melting ice. I would rather have a smaller drink that I can finish before the ice has completely water it down to tasteless glass of water…
The total bill was about 30$ each – 4 dishes (divided in two) and 1 drink. The design was really nice, menu was ok, there was not a lot of dishes so that you will get lost and take hours to decided. For the quality of the dishes and the taste it was totally not worth it!


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    It was totally TOTALLY overpriced. As for my favorite dish for the evening, it would have to go to the japadawg! Was I making that much of funny faces LOL

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