Ghosts & My faith in humanity

❀ Hello citizens of the internet! It has been roughly two years I think! I have no idea how to feel about this. Either ashamed of my laziness or just indifferent. I wasn’t planning on coming back blogging or whatnot, it’s not like anyone is reading this anyways. However, there is something that I’d like to share with the world of the internet. So if you’re reading; here’s my story. If not, keep calm and carry on.

❀ On August 3rd 2014, a woman I knew who lived in our building on the 7th floor, lost her life. Gossip amongst neighbours say it’s suicide, some say it was an accident, and others say it was her husband who pushed her. I have no say in this. All I know is that the couple seem to grow distant throughout the years. She always looked sad and her husband always looked depressed. I might be wrong. We rarely saw the both of them physically together, but this is none of my business. Despite knowing her for 12 years — not personally. I live on the 20th floor, we only saw each other in the elevator or in the neighbourhood—, I never knew her name or what she did in life. All I knew was that she was Japanese, had a few dogs — a dachshund who grew very old and passed away, and 2 lively pugs—, she never seem to talk much unless if it’s about dogs or anything involving them, at least that’s what we always talked about. She was petite, had long black hair. I can’t really say her age, she was probably in her 40’s or so. Sadly, she didn’t have any children, perhaps they had dogs to fill that void. Though I didn’t know her very well, I liked her as a person. The afternoon I was walking home with my mother, we saw police officers blocking the area so we asked what happened. At first we were just shocked. When we walked towards our building, we met the janitors and they told us who it was… I don’t remember my exact emotions at that time, but I felt numb.

❀ Do you believe in ghosts? The next day, my mother made a nice little bouquet so that we could put it where her body landed. I wrote a card saying “Mrs.7XX, may you rest in peace. I hope you are now free from the hardships you were going through. Farewell.” (due to confidentiality I will not reveal her apartment number). My father placed the bouquet with the card attached next to another bouquet, while my mother and I watched a few steps away. My father got a glimpse of what the card on the other bouquet said, and there was her name. We got in the elevator and talked about it. My father mentioned her name and suddenly the elevator stopped. Guys. The elevator stopped on the 7th floor and there was no one, not even a sound. I suddenly started to cry. I don’t know what I felt. It wasn’t fear. Perhaps shock? You know when the elevator stops and no one goes in or out, it still closes. But when the elevator stopped on the 7th floor, it didn’t. My father had to click the button for it to close several times. Was it her? It probably was. Was she trying to say thank you? Or did she still had business to do? I had hard time sleeping that night. I still find it hard to sleep despite it has been a few days.

❀ I had lost my faith in humanity many times. The morning after, I went out to help my mother at our store. As I left the building, I noticed our bouquet wasn’t there anymore. However, my card was still there and so was the other bouquet from the night before. How desperate can you be to steal flowers from the dead? It’s not like the person didn’t know, they left the card. They knew the bouquet was for someone who passed away on that spot yet they still took it. Not only it’s low, but extremely disrespectful. People steal food to stay alive, money to survive, valuable goods to sell, but why do you need to steal flowers for?

❀ Anyways, I know this post was very long and depressing. Hopefully my next update — who knows when will that be — will be more cheerful. Until then!


2 Replies to “Ghosts & My faith in humanity”

  1. I’m sorry for what happened to your neighbour, Bee!! I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts, but I do believe what the card would say; she’s in a better place now! Ugh! I don’t know why people do these things (stealing, flowers, of all things! How utterly disrespectful!!)!! These things take time, but I hope you get better soon!

    1. Thank you. I’m sort of getting better.. I think. I’m not quite sure. It’s hard to sleep at night. My dog has been acting weird lately so that’s gotten me pretty paranoid hahahaha. Last night, I heard from my neighbour on my floor what actually happened. Apparently she was on some sort of meds, but she forgot to take them or something and her husband wasn’t there. One of the neighbours on her floor heard her scream, so they called the police. They knocked and broke in with a crow bar. She got scared and jumped. So right now I don’t know how to feel. I’m having all sorts of questions running through my head.

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