Guardians of the Galaxy

– From a point of view of a newbie –
Hello there dudes and dudettes. So last Saturday, I went to see the Guardians of the Galaxy with two friends and my Fiancé (I always feel weird to say/write that word ^^’ ). It was the second day the movie was out, but there was no one in the cinema except a couple of people from the neighborhood which was great because I hate crowded place >:D As mentioned in the subtitle above, I have no prior knowledge to the Guardians before watching this movie (for those who thought I did… well sorry I’m just really good at blending into the unknown XD ) so this is purely my own point of view without any references or comparison to the comic.

/Prior to watching the movie/
The trailer – without any knowledge of their existence in the Marvel universe, the trailer was catchy enough for me to want to go see it (who can resist a badass raccoon and a talking tree, come on!).

I will not elaborate too much because then I will spoil it for you 😀 So watch the trailer here

I have greatly enjoy the two hours sitting in front of the giant screen that makes my neck hurts. The humor was right, a lot of references to the 80-90s. The percentage of laughter and seriousness was well-balanced.
One of my friend and my fiancé are fans of Marvel/DC and their comments were also positive.
The characters’ design and casting was just right, except for Gamora. I would have accepted another actress, but with no other choice in mind I had to accept her as she is, but I must admit that her fighting scenes were good.
One major good point in this is that they didn’t mess up Thanos like they did with Apocalypse in the X-men (but then again it was supposed to be the younger version or sort of?).
As for the story, from a newbie point of view, it was easy to follow and the pace was right to make sense of everything that is happening. Dialogue between the characters were smooth and the little touch of humor made them great. A lot of reference in there, but you have to listen carefully and know your things.

/Bad parts/
Even though I hate to admit it, this movie was really made for 1. the fans and 2. those born/have knowledge of the 80-90s. The main character was taken when he was still a kid, in 1988, therefore all his memories were from back then. For the new generation who has no knowledge of the Footloose/Jackson 5/ Walkman will not understand what’s happening and some humor parts in the movie.

It was a really good movie, I enjoyed it as expected from the trailer. But the night that I went to see it, there was a lady (who can’t hear herself laughing) was kind of ruining it for me. She was laughing so hard at all the first jokes that we barely hear the rest. But I would definitely watch it again in the comfort of my living room.

For those of you who didn’t went to see the movie yet and are interested in learning a little bit more before going, you can go to my friend Pony‘s pre-movie page for references. For those who went already and are reading this page, let me know what you think!

EDIT 25/08/14 For a better review of the movie vs comic, Pony also had her post up for that purpose. Agree or not?

And if the movie doesn’t interest you, shame on you!! This is the main reason why you should go watch it!


I’m definitely asking for dancing baby Groot for Xmas

P.S LOL at the categories that say American Blah Movie on the left XD


4 Replies to “Guardians of the Galaxy”

  1. Hahaha! I really liked the movie as well 😀 My review is coming up one of these days! 😛 Oh my goodness!! I’m also asking for Dancing Groot on my birthday! Hahaha, I can’t believe you still say that about Gamora, even after seeing her! XD

    1. Yup I rarely change my mind about an actor/actress esp. if their previous performances were messy/boring, but I do approve about her shape and kickass moves XD

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