Trying to survive

Greetings! It has been a while that this blog was off. Neither of us had the time nor the energy to update therefore we had put it to sleep. But after reading a friend’s blog, I have decided to revive this blog for my own entertainment. Bee won’t be around to post so I will, I guess, be posting double? Hehehe we’ll see about that.

Well what will this blog be again? I will still try to post review on restaurants where I will explore, but I will also change some format and try to add more variety. Maybe also return to my graphic freebies design 😀

This first post is an awakening of the blog to the WWW again. Hope it will bring joy and saliva to everyone with food review >_<

Some topic on my list that will eventually be feature on Kawaimono

  • Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Kyozon
  • Kinoya
  • Kurobuta
  • Misoya
  • Advertisements

    2 Replies to “Trying to survive”

    1. OMG it took me forever to log in hahaha i completely forgot about my username and password. I dont know how many times ive tried. Probably 5 times. At the end g reussi mais je sais po keseke g mis LOL

      Ahhh kawaimono is back online! Back for good i hope LOL its not a temporary thing right right? Humm i think ill get back to it too. Not sure not sure.

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