Gay parade at Montreal

 ❀ Hello internet citizens! I was waiting for Kat to update so I could update! not that i’m blaming you for me not blogging.i love you kat.hihihihi. Normally, people ask “dude, what’s your favorite holiday?” CHRISTMAS ALL THE WAY! I’m asking you what’s your favorite parade/festival? I’ve always love the gay festival since… forever! Please note that I am not lesbian or bisexual. My japanese teacher thought I was a lesbian because I wore a ring on my thumb. So I just wanted to clarify that.

❀ The reason why I love the gay festival so much is because everyone is so lively and colorful! It’s the only day where non-straight people can go out without being judged or anything. The can go out and be proud of who they are. I’m not specifically talking about Montreal, but everywhere in the world. I saw a post on 9GAG (that’s right people, i’m a 9gagger!) and it was Morgan Freeman, and he said “I hate the word ‘homophobia’. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole.” And he’s right. Gay marriage should be allowed. I don’t understand why people get killed because they’re gay. It’s not like they harmed and killed anyone. I don’t want to go to heavy and serious, oh dear oh dear.

❀ The gay festival is awesome! And I never missed one in Montreal, except the time I went to Japan… This year, my mom and I got many free stuff at the parade! A beach ball from HSBC, 2 rainbow bracelets that said “Non à l’homophobie, oui à la diversité”, 6 green beaded necklaces, 2 rainbow arm sleeves from viagra, candies from a company that I don’t remember the name, a rainbow flag and a ket strap from an other company that I don’t remember the name. At night, my parents and I went to the gay village. It was so lively and fun! We say many, obviously, same sexe couples. And I thought it was really cute! My dad got a high five from a guy. He gave my dad a cute duckface along with a nod. It was very amusing to watch! My dad was holding on to my mom’s purse because it was heavy and he had the rainbow bracelet on. My dad wears tight clothes and clothing for “young people”, so I think the guy assumed my dad was gay. Hihihihi, cute.

❀ I took pictures during the parade, but I forgot to take some at the gay village, sorry! I apologize for all the talking! Here’s some pictures that I took! I do hope you guys will join Montreal’s gay festival next year! Until next.. update!

❀ elders who are proud to be gay (: ❀

❀ crazy costumes! ❀

❀ the good ones are always gay ❀

❀ she’s beautiful! ❀

❀ so colorful and happy! ❀


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