O-Taku Manga Lounge

Hello world!!
Ok, it has been a while since the last post but, hey, I’m busy (?) and I’ve been in restaurant that I love these days so nothing there to blog about. You know them already!
So this time it’s a different “genre”, it’s an OTAKU PLACE!!!

For Otaku or people who want to venture into the manga world. It’s a place where you can borrow manga and taste some sweetness from Japan/Asia.
It is a lounge so the place is really quiet, perfect for reading time. It’s a really friendly place, makes you feel like going to a friend’s place rather than a lounge. They have the usual customers. The staffs there are the owner (Alex) and his wife (Ledivine, not sure about her name). Friendly people indeed, make you feel at ease right away. At the entrance, they decorated the place with picture of popular manga characters and deeper inside they have goodies and manga all over the place.

They do have a large range of mangas, compare to other places, they do have a really large collection, from oldies to newbies. The best place to forget about reality!

As I mentioned it, the owners are really sweet. First time in the store, Alex introduce us to the “rules” of the lounge. Nothing in particular, just basic informations of how to borrow manga and stuff. One of the important rule there is to be careful with the manga!
If you’re a newbie to this world (otaku/manga), Alex will gladly help you through 😀

Since we wander there after a big meal (for next blogging :D), we didn’t get a really big order. Just some ice cream Mochi and bubble tea. Unfortunately I was too overwhelm with the place that I totally forgot to take pictures of the food/drink. They have the usual mochi, ramen and other kind of drinks which we didn’t dare to try yet. We took an apple and rose bubble tea, strawberry and red beans ice cream mochi. They use juice instead of powder so it’s a lot healthier than your usual bubble tea. The bubbles they are using were also made with juice, which they call “magic bubble”. If you bite in them, juice will come out. They also have a variety of tea.

Overall, it wasn’t pricy compare to an other place I’ve been to. For what we took it wasn’t more than 20$, 2 drinks and 2 desserts + 1 hour for reading. Since it was our first time there, we had 1 hour free of reading and they also gave us a card for next time. The prices are 5$ per hour for reading if you order something to drink/eat. Price for the drink are the same as any other place. Sorry if I’m not really precise with the price but we didn’t plan on going there for blogging. For more informations, you can visit the place/website/call them.

It’s locate on St-Denis street, near Sherbrooke metro (3623 Saint-Denis), in front of the park, on the second floor. The sign is “petite” so you really need to look up when you walk near there.

For more information (prices & activities):

Sorry, took the pictures with my itouch so the quality is not really good.


3 Replies to “O-Taku Manga Lounge”

  1. finally! un update! XD
    but who am i to talk XD
    so you went here without meee!
    le site est en fraaancaaaiiissssss! @___@
    jcherchait le ENG button!!

    ca lair tlmt cool *-*
    im wondering what their food menu looks like…
    jm trop le decor!!!!

    sur le site, they mentioned that you can play gaaaames *0*
    trop coooool!

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