❀ I’ve always wanted to live elsewhere than Montreal, somewhere like New York or Tokyo. I love busy places where there’s a lot of people and where there’s always something to do! Of course, we’re never happy with what we got. I always though Montreal was a boring place, but deep down inside, I love it, despite ugly winters and countless potholes… There are a few things that I’m proud of Montreal and one of them is during the summer…

❀ Montreal has various festivals and events to offer during the hot season of the year. Recently, its the Grand Prix. People who have fancy cars show of their “baby” in the streets of downtown. I’m not really interested in cars, but I must say, it’s very impressive! I told my dad I wanted a Zenvo ST1 and he told me to learn how to park first, hahahaaha… Sadly, I am an Asian women; the worst stereotype combined on the road. So I don’t think I’ll get my dream car…

❀ However, despite all the fancy expensive cars, there was only one who caught my attention… Only one was epic enough to remind me to take a picture of it~ THE BATMOBILE! Yes, you read it right! The awesome car of Batman himself was in Montreal! I think since he wasn’t in The Avengers, he had some free time to drive to Montreal! It’s okay Batman, I still love you~

❀ THE Batmobile ❀


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