Hyang Jin ~ Japanese

Last friday, Bee and I, along with a friend, we went to Hyang Jin, a Japanese restaurant.

In front of the restaurant there is a little terrace on which you can enjoy a nice lunch under the sun. When you get in the restaurant, the decoration is really nice and typical Japanese style. If I’m correct, all the little decoration are handmade. It’s a small space though. On the left side, there are 4 private tables with partition for more privacy. On the right part of it, there a total of 3 tables for a bigger group.

The services were great, our waitress was really really nice. She praise Bee for been a good eater XD
Our friend couldn’t eat fish so she suggest some alternative to us which was really good too. The only thing I can complaint about it, it’s that they were a bit slow on bringing out the food. It was around 7-8 o’clock, the tables were full and there was only one cook so we waited a little bit. But at lunch time, there was no waiting time at all!

Finally the Food!! Should I say it was great? I’m pretty sure Bee agree with me on this one. Along with the main dishes, we had side dishes like Kim Chi, Bean Spout and mix of vegetable and sea weed. They also were free for 1 refill.
If my memory is correct, we ordered the Haru combo for three which included:



Mix Tempura

Beef Teriyaki

Instead of Grilled salmon, we change to tofu soup

These were not included in the combo

 Bee wanted Takoyaki so we orderd the Dragon Ball which was their name for Takoyaki!

Their new dessert Samurai Killer which is apple rolls

And we ended the dinner with some really juicy sweet orange (like the one with the Samurai Killer rolls)

The whole dinner cost us around 50$ each person.
The main dishes was 80$/ 3 persons.
Overall, the price is around 20-30$ per person for individual orders. It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny!

It’s locate on Queen Mary street after Decarie. You can get to it via Snowdon metro on Queen Mary West or through Decarie.

5332 Chemin Queen Mary (corner Decarie)
Montreal, Qc  H3X 1T7

For big group of 5+, I recommend reserving before.


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