Montreal’s La Sauvagine

❀ I know it has been awhile and I actually have no excuse. Laziness has taken over me! But yesterday was a lovely day in Montreal. And parents and I took a stroll to the Old Port.

❀ Today’s review will be on La Sauvagine. La Sauvagine is all about French cuisine and its concept of the “wild game“. Meaning, they specialize on cooking wild animals. As written on their specialty menu, they serve elk, buffalo, deer, caribou and wild boar. But not to worry, they serve plenty of other dishes that some other are more comfortable with such as salmon, chicken, lamb, etc. You may have a look at their menu here.

❀ Although it looks pricey, it will be worth it. You should spoil yourself once in awhile! And looking back, it’s not that bad when we paid. My father ordered a 1/2 L red wine of the house, our (papa, mammy & me) main courses came with the choice of a soup or a salad, and we had 2 caramel flan. All that for about 109$ with the taxes. Not that bad, right? Despite the wait for the food to come is a bit long (just a bit, trust me, i’ve had worse) every waiting minute was worth it.

❀ The restaurant is located in the Old Port. If ever you take a stroll to the Old Port or want to try something new and “frenchie” drop by La Sauvagine. In fact, there are no excuses needed! Try it! Spoil yourself with a fancy meal! And here is the address along with some lovely pictures~

115 St-Paul East,
(Angle St-Vincent),

Montreal Quebec,H2Y 1G7.

Telephone: 1(514) 861-3210

Telecopieur: 1(514) 878-4764

❀ the soup that came with the main course; carrot & pumpkin ❀

❀ my main course; salmon filet & shrimp ❀

❀ papa’s main course; lamb shank in provincial herbs ❀

❀ mammy’s main course; half of a rock cornish frilled in cajun spices ❀

❀ dessert; caramel flan ❀


2 Replies to “Montreal’s La Sauvagine”

  1. You’re so of kind of making me drool! It seems really good, perfect if you want to impress a date! XD
    But the carrot and pumpkin soup are to die for! Wanna go another segment next week, you and I in some new super delicious restaurant?

    1. oh i am so down next week, just text me when 😀
      you’ll be my eating partner XD
      is there any restaurants you would like to try?

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