Montreal’s IMADAKE

❀ Let me introduce myself in 3 words: I LOVE FOOD! The things that I will post here will most likely be food. However, if you’re a Montreal resident, consider yourself lucky! Because I will tell you where to get the things I eat! I know, I know, this isn’t a food blog, buuuuut, aren’t I doing a good thing here?

❀ Alrighty, before I start… Just to let you guys know, every time I will be posting something, you will see this image of me, so it’s easier for you readers to know who’s posting and all, since there are 2 bloggers here; Kat and me. And now you guys know what I look like, if you see me in the streets of Montreal, don’t be shy to say hi!

❀ Have you ever wanted to try REAL EPIC JAPANESE GOODIES?! I mean, sure, sushi is good and all, but what else do you know other than that? You’ll be surprised that not many people know. And it makes me sad sometimes because THEY’RE MISSING OUT!!! There’s an izakaya near the corner of Saint-Catherine and Atwater. To be specific it’s located at 4006 Saint-Catherine Street West. An izayaka is basically a Japanese pub. The place is called, surprise surprise if you didn’t read the title, IMADAKE. There, you will be able to try many various of delicious Japanese food! From takoyaki to okonomiyaki~ I’m pretty sure you can’t find this kinds of goodness just anywhere in Montreal! They are almost always busy, so I highly recommend to make reservations before going. As for prices, it’s quite reasonable! It’s about 10 – 15 $ per entrée, but don’t be fooled~ YOU WILL GET SUCKED IN THE MENU AND ORDER ENDLESSLY!! OH! Don’t make the same mistake as me, READ THE MENU. I accidentally ordered cow tongue by pointing at a good looking picture on the menu. And I unconsciously ate it without any worries!! And when the bill came, I saw “Miso Cow Tongue” I turned white. But hey! IT WAS STILL DELICIOUS!

❀ Enjoy the pictures!

❀ takoyaki ❀

❀ gyoza ❀

❀ okonomiyaki ❀

❀ miso cow tongue ❀

❀ ebi tempura ❀

❀ yakisoba ❀

❀ green tea pudding ❀


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