Kawasaki Rose part I

Origami was always something really interesting. The art of folding paper and make it into something as pretty as a rose or as impressive as this. Personally, I has always love origami as much as I was making origami instead of listen in class ( almost got kick out of the classroom for that XD ).

It origine is as you may all know, from Japan. Ori meaning fold and gami for paper, simply like that. It can go from really simple to really complex one. I’ve try all kind of folding technique. One of my favourite would be flowers. I’ve try all kind but the one I love the most would be roses.
Japanese people are really into complicate thing. Actually is more like they love to surpass themselves. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard about Kawasaki Rose. I made attempts to fold it since high school. Yes, you might call me stupid but after so many attempts I finally master it!! Well… master would be a big word but I finally did it!!!

This is only the start! I’ll show you how it turn out later!


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