hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Because I’m not there, really, I am not.

It has been 10 months, I think, that I have stop completely updating this blog. I don’t know if anyone is still reading or come to this page anymore. I have always use this place just to pass time and write whatever, whenever I feel the need to just tap on the computer’s keyboard.

I will keep this open and welcome anyone who wants to waste some time on the internet and read absolutely nonsense for the pleasure of reading nonsense. Maybe I will update with something new. Maybe I will just keep on posting something like this, just for the heck of it. Maybe I will try to make this into something much more serious. Who know? My personal and professional life is kind of a mess and too busy for me to focus on something else. Unfortunately, I do like to write and feel the keyboard under my fingers and try to just put my thoughts into words, but I need to focus in life on the outside of the screen…. and knit. Because, you know, cold season is here and I feel like doing more projects.

That will be all people of the world.



One day, probably.


Meet my best friend

I don’t have a lot of friends. The number of friends that I have is between 2 to 10 at most. I do make new friends, but close ones are rare and I’m trying my best to take care of them. The older I get, the less I can tolerate people so those who make past the 3 to 5 years mark, I will forever treasure them (as my personal collection of lovers LOL ).

I do have a very good friend, I do call her my best friend, but I don’t know if she considers me like that. Anyway she is stuck with me forever!

She is a tiny little woman, who love to complain, but in fact she is the most caring person you could ever met. The reason why I love her so much is that she is always there when you need her even if she’s busy to the point of exhaustion she will find the time, the way to get to you and be there for you. I love her because she is very cute and she accept her defaults, embrace them like the little woman that she is. I love her because she always care. I love her because she has seen me in my best and worst moments. I love her because I could tell her everything and she will silently judge me, but not too much (hahaha). I love her because even if she is judging me, she will always try to take it from my point of view and will always be on my side even if I’m dead wrong. She will tell me I’m dead wrong, but will still follow to my decision.

That’s why this tiny little woman is my best friend and I love her for who she is. She probably will never read this or know how much she mean to me, but I do try to show my appreciation with tiny affectionate moment (like poke at her boob because she says she has small boobs hahahaha).

I love you tiny little woman and thank you for being there all those years. Also I know I’m the most difficult person in the whole world, but only you can understand my weirdness and my diva attitude ❤

Happy New Year

Let’s start the year with something nice, meaning another prompt for this 2018. A 52 weeks prompt to be exact, as I don’t have a lot of time to write since I started my new job.

First of all, wishing you all, who are still visiting to see if I have something new and to the new ones who happen to click on my page by accident,


Let the this new year gives us all health, wealth and much needed love!

Be happy, be merry, for this new year I will try to keep writing more, do more projects and most important of all be more happy than I already am (greedy me need some more laughter).

Be well and see you soon.

The Kat from another dimension ❤


Another prompt

Hello people of this planet.
So in the last post, I was talking about some project that I’ve been doing offline, that is to come very soon, when I’m done I will post everything. To not let this blog rot away, let’s do some month’s prompt and yearly prompt. These were found online and Ponyta is in too, so don’t forget to check her blog for it.

Here are the previews

Am I back?

Not quite yet.
Hello world of the web.
I took a break in August and it has been quite some time now. I just don’t want to let this blog goes into hibernation again so let’s return to it with some news. I still don’t know if I would have the time to write as often as before, but let’s try to keep this less… sleepy. So let’s wait for a few more days until I finish building my post and I will let you know what I have been doing while I was off the internet… or so to speak.

Going back to reality, see you in a bit.

Summer breaks

Hello readers or whoever still coming here. This is just to announce that I will be having my summer breaks from blogging for a while. Being busy with work, kid and life altogether. I might come back for autumn, don’t know yet, unless Ponyta comes up with some more ideas for blogging.

So until then, I wish you all the best.


Would you be my friend?

Week 13: “Name a fictional character or monster you would love to have as a friend. Why do you think they would be a good friend to you.”
Raise you’re hand if you thought of Totoro when you read this question. I know I did. Why would Totoro be the perfect companion? Well it’s fluffy, it’s funny and incomprehensible. It can travel by jumping very high and very far (no need for roller coaster ride). It also can make trees grow by dancing around it. No need for more details Totoro is perfect.

A drink?

Week 12: “You have to design a cocktail or drink after yourself (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). What ingredients are in it, and what would you name it?”
I love cocktail, but to be honest most of the time I don’t really know what’s in my cocktail as long as it’s fruity and sweet.If I have to design one then it has to have lychee smoothie in it, for it sweet taste, with a bit of yuzu nectar and zest. For the alcohol part, it goes well with a bit of martini or vodka. Top with some lychee on a stick. I would want it to be more fruity than alcohol taste because that way you can drink plenty and be drunk without knowing. It would be called “Lychee in bikini” because it will be served cold for the hot weather. I would also add a hint of spicy in it, because I love spicy stuff. Just to see what will happen, maybe I will try to make it 😉 I will call it: Cheely (know what I did there? 😉 )

Eating is living

Week 11: “If you could indulge in anything without consequences, what would it be?”
Eating anything without gaining any weight nor bad health. That would be anyone’s biggest wish. There are so much in this world to taste. The different type of food/culture/spice, who wouldn’t want to be able to eat anything without consequences. I, myself, is found of sugar and we all know sugar can cause diabetes. It was a very hard thing for me to give up as I both enjoy natural and artificial sugar. I can swallow an entire watermelon if I wasn’t restraining myself.

Alien adoption

Week 10: “An alien has just abducted you. Give three reasons why it would send you back to Earth

  • I’m so not healthy, therefore nothing can be done on me unless they want to research high sugar in blood, body fat and myope.
  • I’m asian, therefore my ethnicity has already taken over the world. Nothing rare in there to research. If they want to take over the world, just disguise themselves as asian lol
  • I’m going to nag them until they are fed up and dump me back on earth. Yes, the power of nagging.